We are a small company that will take care of your house like our own.

We are a small company that will take care of your house like our own.

Monday, June 6, 2011

General Cleaning

General cleaning is done on each and every visit.
 - Clean Stove top, hood
 - Vacuum and steam mop floors
 - Spot wipe cabinet doors, drawers
 - Clean counter-tops and appliances
 - Clean microwave inside and out
 - Clean sink, stoppers and knobs
 - Clean refrigerator top, front, seals
 - Spot clean woodwork
 - Wipe baseboards (on rotation)
 - Clean and sanitize sinks, faucets, toilets
 - Clean and shine mirrors
 - Wipe toiletries and towel bars
 - Clean tub, shower, tile and basin
 - Clean floors
 - Spot clean woodwork
 - Wipe baseboards (on rotation)
 - Wipe light fixtures

 - Tidy the room
 - Empty and clean ashtrays
 - Wipe telephones
 - Empty, clean, re-bag wastebaskets
 - Dust wall hangings, pictures
 - Spot wipe doors, walls, light switches
 - Clean furniture and knick knacks
 - Dust ceiling fans, blinds, dust cobwebs
 - Dust baseboards, vents, window sills (on rotation)
**we do not clean metal/aluminum mini blinds
 - Vacuum carpeting, mop floors
 - Clean laundry room (if inside the house)
 - Sweep outside front entrance door
 - Wipe window sills, vents, baseboards (on rotation)
 - Wipe ceiling fans, blades, glassware (on rotation)
 - Clean and shine pictures
 - Wipe light switches and fixtures
 - Wipe vertical blinds (on rotation)
 - Move furniture (within reason)
 - Vacuum furniture

Special Requests - Seperate Pricing
  - Wash walls (based on condition) - evaluation needed
 -  Wipe plant shelves
 -  Sliding glass doors, tracks and trim 

A Fresh Home is a Happy Home!

All fixtures, counter tops, furniture, surfaces, celing fans and exterior of appliances receive an appropriate disinfecting damp clean.
All floors will be vacuumed, swept, disinfected/steam mopped as necessary.
Mirrors/glass will be cleaned throughout interior home.
Deep cleaning in living areas: kitchen, dining, bathrooms and bedrooms/office.